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IB by Synpai IB by Synpai
I loved this game, if anyone wants to try playing it, you can dl IB here:…

Thank you very much for the daily deviation and to all those who suggested it!

Daily Deviation

Given 2012-07-19
IB by *Synnimaru is eerie and surreal, yet breath taking. ( Suggested by karinchiip and Featured by Lyricanna )
I personaly hate horror/Terror, with much gore and blood on it, but some one that has the same opion to movies and stuffs with that told me that played this game and freaking love it. So i decided finnally play it AND IT WAS SO AWESOME ^^ I LOVE IT

and You my dear you transfered the eppicinnes of the game to your pictures. EVERY ELEMENT is on it and facial expression of Mary reallly shows her (SPIOLIERS FOR THE ONES WHO HAVEN'T PLAYED THE GAME) Psyco charactrists and the fact she's under the frame has two meanings, her self is a painting and she ends to be the principal from this pararlel world behind the galery (SPOILERS ENDED)

I love that you made that frame that has a fish on it being he portal (And in the game it is theentrance to the paralel world that your adventure begins) from the real world (the good one with no freaking and creeping things) and other one the bad one, surrealistic and creppy, maybe because its Mary's mind..... (ok i don't know if she has it she's a see spoilers)

AND THIS PARALEL WOD IS SO CRAZY but the all game its eppic...

You deserved your DD :)

its very well made and has the great concept of the game well done
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Just absolutely beautiful...
(My urge to make a critique of this piece led me to finally make a deviantart account)
It has been a long time since I've loved a game this much. You have captured the game Ib so wonderfully. What amazes me most are the details and the elements that you included from the game:
From the handkerchief and the piece of candy that symbolize the bond between Ib and Garry, to the different artworks and enemies you face in the parallel art world of Guertena.
I loved how you used the painting "Abyss of the Deep" to separate the real world from the parallel one, since it was used as a kind of "portal" to the parallel world. (And the inclusion of their roses and the vase of water).

I also love how Mary is the central point in your parallel world and how you captured her deceiving and unstable character, but also added her drawing of Ib, Garry, and her together, which shows her loneliness and her want for love. Because as evil as she might have been, she was a sad and lonely girl, trapped in a world where she was all alone.... (Poor Mary)
There are so more details that I want to mention but if anyone had the wonderful experience of playing or watching Ib, then you can easily see the elements in this drawing that make it have so much impact.

I want to thank you for this beautiful piece and I want to thank Pewdiepie for letting me find out about this game. :) Oh, the feels...
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June 10, 2012
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